Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep my information secure?

I use several resources to ensure the security of your data and communications between us.

Liscio - All communications between Deeper Dive Bookkeeping and its clients are conducted via the Liscio client communication and document exchange/storage platform. This provides us with an easy, secure and mobile system for organizing our communications and shared work products. Liscio uses 256-bit encryption for data in transit and in storage. They use Amazon Web Services Security Token Service to protect files accessed through data links, which is also used by the federal government. Liscio uses Google Authenticator for optional multi-factor authentication. Finally, Liscio is an invitation-only platform which eliminates the risk of spoofing or phishing scams. Liscio is a product of Liscio Software Development, based in San Francisco, California.

ProtonVPN - all Internet traffic from my phone and computer is encrypted by a ProtonVPN Virtual Private Network. This prevents an attacker from eavesdropping on our connection. ProtonVPN routes all traffic through multiple servers before leaving their network. They use AES-256 encryption, key exchange is done with 4096-bit RSA, and message authentication is via SHA384. Our encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted without a valid encryption key, which is generated fresh with each connection. ProtonVPN uses protocols known to be secure such as OpenVPN, IKEv2 and WireGuard. They do not use less expensive PPTP or L2TP/IPSec protocols. Finally, ProtonVPN servers do not store personally identifiable data; however, they are protected anyway by full-disk encryption. In this way, they are secured from resource-intensive man-in-the-middle attacks, such as those performed by governments. ProtonVPN is a product of Proton Technologies AG, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

1Password - any passwords related to your account are stored exclusively in 1Password software. All 1Password data is encrypted and requires a master password for access. I am the only person with the master password. The master password is never sent over a network or stored with the data it protects. 1Password employees do not have access to these data. The software uses AES 256-bit encryption for all network traffic and SRP to authenticate credentials without sending them over a network. It provides me with security breach alerts, phishing protection, and fills in credential blocks automatically to avoid typing passwords. 1Password is a products of AgileBits, based in Toronto, Canada.

Bitdefender - Protection from viruses, spyware, adware, and ransomware. Bitdefender is a globally-recognized leader in cyber security, based in Bucharest, Romania.

How does virtual bookkeeping work?

It’s simple. I am anywhere I want to be and so are you! I can serve small businesses across the United States. Cloud accounting is definitely the way of the future and Liscio is our best friend. Using it contributes to our security, efficiency, and organization. It works on your computer and your phone with its mobile app.

We will both have access to your Quickbooks file and all documents you submit. I will need read-only, or accountant, access to your bank accounts.

We will use Liscio for document exchange (receipts, bills, invoices, reports, etc).

We will also use it for all communications. It is a well-designed, easy tool for email and texting.

Finally, its mobile app has a beautiful scanner to make it easy for you to send me hard-copy receipts and documents on-the-fly!

Liscio will be our “one-stop-shop” for everything related to your finances.

What accounting software do you support?

Deeper Dive Bookkeeping is a Quickbooks Online bookkeeping firm. I can  provide you with a 12-month 30% discount for the software.

Essentials, Plus, or Advanced are all acceptable. Simple Start or Quickbooks Self Employed are not sufficient.

What's the difference between a bookkeeper and accountant?

Bookkeepers are responsible for on-going maintenance of their clients’ general ledgers, including entering and categorizing transactions throughout the month, reviewing and reconciling the bank statements with the books, and preparing monthly financial reports.

Accountants analyze financial data, prepare tax returns, and give tax planning advice.

How much do you charge?

It’s totally customized based on the size and complexity of your business and the specific services you choose.

Is there a contract?

No contract! We both sign an engagement letter that specifies the terms of our relationship but you can cancel at any time. (There are no partial month refunds though.)

What are your qualifications?

You can sleep easy knowing I’m a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor and fully trained in bookkeeping and Quickbooks. I also partner with a professional network of bookkeeping colleagues that can provide support if unusual situations arise.

How quick will you respond to me?

You will be surprised how quick. Usually within a few hours during the work week. I respond to communications reliably during normal M-F 9-5 business hours. Liscio makes it  easier for you and me to be available to each other. I’m a good communicator, you’ll  love that about me.